Automated Data Privacy Management Solution

End to end solution for data privacy compliance requirements.

Simple and Reliable

ADPRIMAS is an Automated Data Privacy Management Solution that provides assessment, online training courses, and severity reports. It is designed to guide and assist companies in defining and establishing Data Privacy Practitioners compliance with the Data Privacy Law.

Track with Real-time Report

It is composed of integrated programs gathering all related processes, activities, and services of an institution necessary in providing real-time data and accurate reports.

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Competency Assessment Tool

The first automated assessment tool that defines and gauge the competency and severity level of a Data Privacy Practitioners (DPP) on Data Privacy, Information Technology, Risk Management and Breach Management.

Train Anytime, Anywhere

Offers a Learning Management Tool that notifies and recommend data privacy training program to the appropriate employees' base on the results of the assessment. Periodic Data Privacy Assessment and training are inherent in the system to raise the Competency Level of all employees

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More Features

ADPRIMAS ensures that the data archived to and from the system are properly secured in addition to completion and accuracy.

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Competency Preparedness and Severity Analysis

It eliminates the manual procedure of conducting, monitoring, and compiling of HR Dept. activities on Data Privacy and establishes the competency and severity risk level of the staff and the entire organization.

Continuous Program

Recommends the appropriate training and support program to achieve the desired level of competency in managing and implementing the data privacy in the workplace.

Easy Access

It automates internal programs for continuing education for Data Privacy Compliance which would have been manually and periodically implemented by the HR Department.

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